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Commitment, Nas and Inspiration.

 October 15 2014, Nas and The Wolf in front of the "Why Not You?" wall. 

 October 15 2014, Nas and The Wolf in front of the "Why Not You?" wall. 

Nas. Multi-platinum recording artist. Change-maker. Inspiration. For Koru's session with Nas, we transformed Koru 220 from a learning hub into an intimate afternoon, very MTV unplugged. We were deeply moved by the candor of the experience and the rawness in which Nas and his manager Anthony Saleh shared. Particularly memorable was Anthony's advice for young job seeking Korus "Don't be an asshole as there's no award for being asshole."  So true.  For us the reward comes in commitment - to the project, our clients, our values, working hard.   When The Wolf tagged Koru with Russell Wilson's father's words, the mantra behind the Seahawks 2014 Superbowl win, "Why Not You?", it was in commitment to the belief that anything is possible. For seven straight days, respiration mask on, she dedicated herself to transformation space into inspiration. With deep love. As Nas was leaving that memorable afternoon, he stopped The Wolf, and they shared admiration for the work they both put out in the world. #theworldisyours. #designedwithlove. #whynotyou?