Revel Wolf Collective


What Inspires


Trusting Spirit.


It begins with a scribble. A doodle.  An idea surfaces on a sticky note, sketchbook, and in this case, a cocktail napkin. For the Geekwire Gala, a celebration of the years top ten Seattle Startups,  Koru commissioned us to design a 6x6 ft cocktail napkin reflecting their pioneering vision for the company.


The process is organic. It begins with a hit. A flash. It can appear on the side of the bus, a billboard, the colors on a rusted out dumpster or graffitied on shipping containers and brick walls. When they hit, I pay attention. Nothing is accidental. Everything is on purpose. I see. I listen. I sketch. Spirit drives the vehicle from there. And when I hit roadblocks, I trust that the spinout will take form in a whole new, unexpected spectacular way. 


The inspiration for Koru’s Cocktail Napkin came from Roy Lichtenstein's Masterpiece series, the wailing woman, reflected the unemployed millennial and Brad, the employer.  The characters' expressions of dashed hopes and disappointment are buoyed by sticky notes illustrating Koru's solution of leveling the playing field for young job seekers and bringing great employees to employers. From there the canvas came to life.


Art is about the process. The journey. The finish result is never finished. Visions spin around in crazed sleep, in my dreams, and in my waking hours. I circle back and forth erasing, sketching, evolving. The deadline calls it closed. I take a breath. Hand it over to Spirit. Walk away.