Revel Wolf Collective

Koru HQ


Designed with Millennials in Mind.

The Wolf is a design genius. Period.
Innovative companies with inspired leadership need environments that match. The Wolf absorbed the Koru principles and brand tenets and created a design that took our brand to the next level. She and her team execute brilliantly, with empathy for the needs of a high-growth startup and always with a smile. Great spaces help in recruiting great people. Our space is the envy of every one of my CEO friends. I can’t recommend Revel Wolf Collective highly enough.
— Kristen Hamilton, CEO Koru

Koru’s Headquarters was designed as a dual-function space, initially housing both the offices for the start-up’s core team while hosting the early career bootcamp programs for dozens of recent college graduates. The space we created is millennial familiar, comfortable and experiential, the intersection of coffee-shop culture and fast growing tech company. Designed with an eye on growth, the open floor-plan designates zones for productivity, collaboration, meetings, team lunches, and individual focus and reflection. 75% of furnishings and fixtures are salvaged and repurposed illustrating the hard-working Grit of Koru and their customers.