Revel Wolf Collective

The Wolf

The Wolf is a creative genius. Yes, we are boasting about our co-founder and lead visual artist.  The Wolf is a seer, a doer and lover. Everything The Wolf creates is with a full, open and loving heart and the belief that we are here to connect in joy and kindness with one another.


Like Elvis Presley,  The Wolf has laser focus, meaning she can stay tuned to a design problem for hours, even days, until a solution appears. The Wolf is truly one of a kind and brings her full attention and love to each project, each client, each person she encounters.

The Wolf fancies herself a philosopher and will generously share the depth of her soul with you. The Wolf spent 23 years in education, winning Teacher of Year in Mill Valley, CA and the Golden Bell Award for Excellence in Teaching in Marin County. The Wolf has a background in set and restaurant design, the most unique classroom design from cabins to castles and is a certified Qi Gong and Tai Chi instructor. The Wolf's mission is to heal space and people through love and great design.  

P.S. The Wolf doesn't smoke. No lungs were harmed in the taking of this photo. And yes, we also believe The Wolf resembles Hunter S. Thompson

A FEW SNAPSHOTS of The Wolf at work.