Revel Wolf Collective


Check out how our design for Ivy Softworks got on this cover of Seattle Met.


Revel Wolf Collective is a woman owned and operated company. We envision and re-vision environments with the distinct intention to create whole, well and connected cultures, places where individuals know their purpose and communities rise together.  

We start with a detailed assessment of our client and their culture, to understand who they are and who they wish to be. We bring in best-in-class artists and builders to visually express the values and ethos of each community. Through physical space design, brand expression, experience design and custom furnishings, we create spaces that invite productivity, focus and collaboration. We work with executive teams to solidify the brand experience and coach team members on well communication practices with sustainable approaches to personal and professional success.


Environment + Experience Design

Researchers who publish the annual World Happiness Report found "that three-quarters of human happiness is driven by six factors - strong economic growth, healthy life expectancy, quality social relationships, generosity, trust, freedom to live the life that's right for you." These factors don't materialize by chance, they are connected to cultural values.

We work with you to visually represent your culture and values in physical space, to create environments where individuals and communities thrive. To create thriving environments, one must nurture places with visible values and designs that invite participation, individuality, communication, opportunity, personal and shared purpose. This is what we do best. In collaboration with you.

Well Beings

It's people that make up what you do. People are the most important element to success. If people are well and in joy, your business can thrive. Without wellness, there is often dis-ease. We design programs and environments to maximize the well being of individuals and teams, to create outlets and healthy releases for stress management, to increase energy, focus and productivity.  We design custom wellness programs, facilitate workshops and incorporate well design into your environment. 

Brand Strategy + Expression

As author John Irving would say, this is the you in you.  Your unique identity. The ways in which you set yourself apart. We work with you to solidify your brand strategy, language, the story you tell, the mark you use and the way your values, ethos, beliefs appear in physical space. We create pieces of art to reflect your brand and bring your culture to life. We design way-finding signage so people know where they are and where they are going. We make each piece within your space uniquely and profoundly a reflection of you.

Custom Furnishings

While we could buy furnishings, we prefer to build them. We do this because we are design fanatics and passionate environmentalists. We want to eliminate excess packaging (aka plastic) and we want to design custom for your needs. We build only with salvaged or sustainable woods. The furnishings purchased from third parties are mostly made in the USA and again, custom created just for you. 

Communications Strategy + Coaching

At our core, we are storytellers. We believe the key to creative productivity is strong communication. We work with you to craft stories about your physical space, your product offering and why you do what you do. We work with your team to help them tell better stories. We observe team dynamics. We are immersed in your culture. We get to know you and your organization. We're like scientists, studying your DNA. We can help you make everything not just look better, but function better.