Revel Wolf Collective


We Get You.

Laser Focus.  Hyper Intention.  Love.

We are culture, brand and experience designers.  We transform space into place with one-of-a-kind branded art installations and custom built furnishings, fixtures and finishes.  Working with mostly salvaged materials to pay homage to the environment, we reimagine, reuse and redefine.  We possess the risk taking spirit of emerging brands and burgeoning cultures.  WE ARE innovative, edgy, curious. We love design.  We believe in YES!  Our purpose is express Your story, vision and mission in physical space to create Happy, Joyful and Connected communities.


Ever wonder how many people it takes to hoist a 16-foot, 500 pound, custom made conference table up a four story building without a freight elevator?  Here's a sneak peek from this summer's installation at Mercy High School in San Francisco.  This beauty was constructed with the salvaged beetle kill Blue Pine.


Mercy High School San Francisco gets a whole new look!  Check out our latest Install Week!